Philip Dulhunty – Never a Dull Moment

Philip Dulhunty

Philip Dulhunty - Never a Dull Moment

What a story and what a person!  The photo on the cover shows Philip Dulhunty as an Australian solider in Hiroshima in 1946 so that will give you some indication of the diversity of the contents.  A successful business and family man, he is well known in Australia as a leader in the electricity power transmission industry (Dulhunty Power), and has much involvement in the marine and aviation industries too.  Now well into his eighties, he can still often be seen flying his Cessna float plane over the Sydney Harbour Bridge on his way to some seaplane gathering or event, a realm he just revels in and is known throughout the country for.

We are fortunate to know Philip personally and have a signed copy of his book which my husband, (also a keen seaplane pilot), purchased. He has read the book, so the review is from his perspective.  If you love adventure and love aeroplanes (especially seaplanes) then you will love reading about the amazing life so wonderfully described in this biography.

This is a beautifully produced book, A4 in size and 445 pages.  For those that are tactile, like me, it feels nice to hold and the photographs that are included are of very high quality.  Written and told in a story like fashion by Philip Dulhunty himself, it is just packed with information about a life lived to the full!

About the Book;

Philip Dulhunty, OAM, has lived a life packed with adventure, narrow escapes from death and truly remarkable achievements in the realms of business, aviation and sailing. A self-taught engineer, his technical innovations and entrepreneurial drive have helped transform the face of the global electricity-supply industry. This autobiography traces Philip’s story from his idyllic childhood at Port Macquarie through to his current role as a doyen of the power industry. Not only does it chart his highly successful career as a businessman, it also covers his army service during World War Two and the unforgettable period that he spent in atom-bomb devastated Japan with the Allied Occupation Forces. Written with Philip’s trademark sense of humour, the book romps along. It’s full of memorable anecdotes, dangerous encounters with hijackers, villains and crashing planes, and ends with Philip’s compelling solution to one of Australia’s greatest wartime mysteries.

A great story!


First published: 2009 Philip Dulhunty (publisher) Australia

ISBN 978-0-646-51982-1

In the Bush at the Beach

To buy this biography online, please click here.





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