Then Again – Diane Keaton

then again

An interesting idea for a memoir.  Keaton intermixes her mother’s letters with her own story.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.  I am not really sure what the point was and if indeed a biography should have a point at all.  The book seemed like it was going somewhere, but it never really got there.  I think it was meant to tie the lives of the two women together in some deep way, but it never quiet got there for me.  I love biographies because they tell me something about the person and I learn from the experience.  I grow close to the person and feel sadness and loss when I finish the book.  Like my friend has gone.  I didn’t feel that with this book.  What I learnt about Keaton is that she is an accidental success, despite being kooky and scatterbrained she still managed to be successful.  Maybe that’s the learning?


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