BOMBED IN HIS BED: Confessions of Jewish Gangster Myer Rush

Bombed in His Bed

Bombed in His Bed

Gangster Myer Rush led a colorful and dangerous existence. So dangerous he was the target of an assassination attempt and blown up while sleeping, dying twice enroute to the hospital but surviving. From his first job as a paperboy to wheeling and dealing making millions Myer Rush lived many lives during his time.

Now in the new book, BOMBED IN HIS BED: Confessions of Jewish Gangster Myer Rush (Publication Date:  November 1, 2013), Bruce Farrell Rosen has told a story exclusively shared with him by his uncle that had been sought after for years by many journalists from around the world.

“Since the bomb placed under Myer’s bed was rumored to be a Mafia plant, I asked him if he had any bodyguards. He flipped up the corners of some colored comics lying across a coffee table. A revolver pointed lazily toward me. ‘Don’t worry’ he laughed ‘I have a permit for it. The Panamanians will let me carry a machine gun if I want to’.

From multiple award winning Canadian Journalist Sylvia Fraser’s interview in BOMBED IN HIS BED


“Wow – what a bombshell! Don’t expect to start this book and set it down…”

Merla Zellerbach

Author of several novels including “A-List Murders” – Former S.F. Chronicle Columnist

“…Rosen writes through multiple lenses – journalist, nephew, son, and observer…A beautiful narrative, this book is a wonderful way to get the story out about a less than perfect man who did his best to live life according to his own rules…”

Bonnie Cehovet – Writer/Editor of

“…There is no way to briefly describe Myer Rush’s life and we can thank his nephew for getting him to share his life for what is a very interesting biography.”

Alan Caruba

Founding Member of the National Book Critic’s Circle  “My Picks of the Month”

Full of astonishing recollections, this never-before-told tale has an intimacy rarely achieved due to the gangster/uncle revealing his story to his writer/nephew.

Depicting a life that would take him to all the corners of the globe while acquiring great wealth and notoriety, yet suffering the depths of loss and despair, these pages reveal an astounding journey that traverses love, honor, romance, betrayal, trust, deceit, conspiracy, grief, joy, greed, and the determination to live fully and survive with an absence of fear.  It is a story that will challenge our thinking about what a man can endure in life—a mesmerizing ride.


Isabella Michon

ImMedia, Inc.



Self-Made Gangster Exclusively Reveals All to His Nephew in New Book

Dying twice on the way to the hospital after being blown up by a bomb thought to have been planted by the mafia, BOMBED IN HIS BED: Confessions of Jewish Gangster Myer Rush by Bruce Farrell Rosen (Publication Date:  November 1, 2013), is a true story about a larger-than-life character that lived his days on his own terms and achieved his goals – through whatever means necessary.

Myer Rush survived on the edge by wheeling and dealing his way into millions of dollars. An aura of risk and violence accompanied his adventures. What makes this tale unique is that he told his life story to his own nephew. This intimacy creates a very personal account of a very exceptional rogue.

“…Gangster Myer Rush has told his amazing story to his nephew in equally amazing detail…This “lifetime of memories” written in beautiful, polished prose is a book you won’t forget.”

Merla Zellerbach

Author of several novels including “A-List Murders” – Former S.F. Chronicle Columnist

“Myer’s story had been sought after for many years by many journalists from around the world. He had severe animosity for the press, and the ways in which they had depicted him.  Yet, he wanted his story told for the record. And so my mother, Alma, convinced him that his nephew (myself) was a writer of superior quality, and what better than to tell his story to someone he could trust and to whom he could speak as freely as he might wish. Myer followed through on his promise to tell me stories that were “absolutely true,” some of which he never revealed to “anyone at any time.”  And when I probed him, asked him why he didn’t know when to stop, why he didn’t save money, did he understand the idea of being greedy, did he know he was going into territory that might be unlawful, he would get angry.  He didn’t want introspective self- analysis during these interviews.  “Them were the times,” he would say…  “I was a product of the times.” “Look kid, don’t sit here and make judgments, just sit back and listen to the story.”

–From the Foreword–

Hailed as a tale of truly heroic proportions about a larger-than-life figure who struggled with his destiny, and with his heart and his soul, BOMBED IN HIS BED takes place all around the world from Canada, to the U.S., London, Paris, Karachi, Havana, Antwerp, Amsterdam, Israel, and Panama.  Full of astonishing stories, Myer Rush’s life is unforgettable…

*As a five-year-old paperboy defending his street corner against anti-Semitic kids much older during the Depression.

*Tales of being a Cat Burglar and having no fear.

*Running guns into Palestine when he was asked to do so by a Rabbi.

*The wonder sex herb that he discovered and marketed with enormous success.

*The sign business of putting advertisements atop taxis that further enhanced his fortune.

*The buying of companies, promoting them and making millions upon millions doing so.

*Going to Karachi to demand the rubies that he was owed.

*When men broke into his home and beat him with baseball bats and Myer subsequently picking out the intruder in a police line up by busting his jaw and walking away.

*That he was front page news across Canada and much of the world for dying twice on the way to the hospital but surviving a bomb that detonated under his bed at the posh Sutton Place Hotel the night before testifying about a 100 million dollar fraud that was considered by many as the “crime of the century”.   No one was ever charged in that case.  And it is thought that the padding in the mattress, (manufactured by a relative) which plugged up his wounds thereby stopping the bleeding, saved his life.

Describing a time, an era, a larger than life personality that shocked a City that had been sleepy and provincial but now had to come terms with a Gangland style bombing of a man that somehow survived it, willing to testify against all comers, this book is a powerful, human tale, almost Old Testament in the trials given to a man.

Helping it come alive are the newspaper articles recalling the amazing stories, a personal note from the Toronto reporter who filed an exclusive story on Myer while in Panama, and Myer’s daughter’s gratitude to get to know her dad more intimately through these stories.  “I know my dad would be proud of my cousin Bruce for writing this book, so I and the whole world could get to know the true story about Myer ‘Michael’ Rush.”


An investment officer at a major financial firm by day, Bruce F. Rosen is an award-winning writer by night.  Sharing the same publisher as literary greats Allen Ginsberg, Laurence Ferlinghetti, and William Saroyan, author Bruce Rosen has been featured in many venues including The Today Show, BBC Radio, The Baseball Hall of Fame, The San Francisco Chronicle, and on the cover of Personal Excellence and Publishers Weekly.  The father of two sons, he lives and works in San Francisco.


The Confessions of Jewish Gangster Myer Rush As Told to His Nephew Bruce Farrell Rosen

ISBN: 978-0-615-84718-4

Price:  $16.95;  Original Paperback

Publication Date:  November 1, 2013

Publisher:  Alma Rose Publishing

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5 responses to “BOMBED IN HIS BED: Confessions of Jewish Gangster Myer Rush”

  1. Ann says :

    The end of Rush’s story—wrongful imprisonment, attempts on his life—is fascinating, yet lacks the sort of narrative probing and prodding at the significance of these life events that bring other biographies a measure of literary success.

  2. Evelyn Wilson says :

    This book is well crafted at the sentence level and the author succeeds in giving us a comprehensive account of his uncle’s early to midlife, at which point Rush’s activities and whereabouts become as elusive to the narrator as they do to all the readers.
    Moreover, Bruse frequently delves into world or North American events but does so without drawing much connection between these events and the man he writes about.

  3. Sheldon Zippin says :

    where can I order this book is there a Kindle addition

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